Step 1

You have found us on the internet or elsewhere and want to know what we are about. Fill out our contact us form for our agent to call you within 24 hours.

Step 2

Speak with one of our agents to determine eligibility for donation.

Step 3

Receive an email shortly thereafter (within 24 hours of connecting) with your determination of our Eligibility to assist you with your specific situation.

Step 4

If approved the initial documents will be sent along with our Charities information for selection of Distibution of proceeds.

Step 5

Prepare documents specifically to your file for proper distribution to appropriate channels. IE Sales, Marketing, Titling, Resort Recognition.

Step 6

Place a strategic timeline to your file indicating when your closure will take place.

Step 7

Receive your final closure documents for your specified route and you are 100% completed.

Step 8

Review credit and perform and credit repair necessary for this transaction to restore it to its original state if not better!