Our Mission

Our aim is to maintain our integrity across every transaction and to help you make the most of the most effective and valuable programs. We remain aware of the latest technologies and seamless transactions, so you always make the best investment for your needs.

Our Approach

Our goal is to manage the process of transferring your timeshare with ease and convenience. Once a timeshare order is completed, we will manage the remaining procedures on your behalf including the title transfer from multiple entities such as resorts and agencies.

Why Timeshare Information Center

We believe that a trustworthy and transparent approach is the reason for our success and the satisfaction of our clients. Owing to our experience and professionalism, we have created a dedicated team who carefully assess every aspect of your timeshare agreement. We will deliver the efficiency that you need, in uncertain times, to help you alleviate the burden and stress of your timeshare.

Do you feel as though you have run out of options with your timeshare?

Perhaps you feel the need to cancel it or no longer see the value it offers?

Fortunately, Timeshare Information Center introduces transparent, guaranteed and rewarding solutions for your timeshare. As specialists in the industry, our purpose is to provide timeshare cancelation options and tailored solutions to help you make an informed and valuable decision. We deliver sound information related to timeshare ownership whether you cannot use it or feel unjust about your most recent purchase.

As industry leaders our role is to provide a professional, unbiased, and dedicated service in which we place the best interests of our clients at the fore of what we do. Timeshare Information Center is represented by a knowledgeable and skilled team who go the extra mile to provide individualized solutions you can trust.

We are true professionals who provide an informative and committed approach within the timeshare industry. With emphasis on establishing lasting professional client relationships, we provide just what you need to make effective choices concerning your timeshare.

As we provide an efficient service with expert support, our team has simplified the process to pass on value and protect your timeshare rights. We are the top choice of reliable and accurate information when you need to evaluate your timeshare.

Anthony Sabatini

Your Attorney

Anthony Sabatini is an attorney who practices in the fields of civil litigation, real property, land use, and general business law. He attended the University of Florida, graduating magna cum laude in 2012 and graduated University of Florida Law School in 2017. At UF law he served on the Journal of Law and Public Policy and clerked for then Chief Judge Alan Lawson of the Fifth District Court of Appeal—currently a Justice of the Florida Supreme Court.

Anthony is also a current Representative in the Florida House of Representatives, representing District 32—the majority of Lake County, FL. Before that, he served as a City Commissioner on the Eustis City Commission from 2016-2018. Anthony is a Captain in the Florida Army National Guard, and has actively served since since 2008.

Jon Comas


With over 15 years in the Timeshare Industry and combining it with Mr. Sabatini’s knowledge of the Law. We have a combined experience of over 25 years in real estate and Law. It is through our combined knowledge of the industry that we created Timeshare Information Center to help our clients know all the possibilities available with their timeshare and in essence help others less fortunate in their time of needs with something more beneficial to them. We have helped over 25K clients through the years and are here to HELP YOU!

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